Expectations sinking her heart keeps on weeping

Her friends all her family around her are meeting

The loves of their lives, dressed in white wearing gold

For a lifetime, enchanted with beauty

He looks out the window with a blank expression

The love that left him deleted his passions

He dwells in the past 

Memories chain his resolve


Wait for key the way out

With the promise we’re saved within

Search for the love the way out

Drowning the light within


Ten years have past forgone dreams have elapsed  

All the sacrifice hindering all that he had

His nights are consumed by his sons

And his wife who’s grown old, who won’t love him - no she can’t see him

Her children adults now, no time spent on herself

Forgot who she was, so consumed by their progress

In her house all alone

Took almost half of a lifetime 


Have to find true love, it’s what we’re taught to believe

Misguiding ourselves, expend our energies 

Just to settle for a life that leaves us frozen