Kneeling down, questioning the loss allowed
Feel their hurt that's deeply wound
Tragedy consumes us, it's all around
But wait, there's hope
See it shining through the open door
That's where we’ll find strength

Lost his dad to cancer when he was just a kid
But his family persevered
And found a second breath
His neighbors came together
And exceeded what had left
Upon growing up, became a spokesman for the cure
Raised millions of dollars
Through the initiatives
Which saved thousands of families
All cause his father didn't live

Say Yes

We get knocked through the ground so we can grow

When tragedy strikes home we answer the call

The tears of grief bring joy when we feel the love

We may not see it right away, but our stories pave the way to find strength

Walked in the church, shot nine of them dead
The mindless act of cruelty
Shook us to the core
But a city came together
Prayed for a nation as they mourned
Horrific acts may shatter our resolve
But they inject us with awareness
Break down walls so we can see
Force us to act through kindness
And expand our empathy