1, 2, 3 it really seems to me it’s the beginning

Beginning of the end of the establishment

The fighting and conflict only brings us closer

Closer to the truth, our love well is renewed

As we turn the pages we awaken the awareness

Rebuilding our structure and our youth

So when I see the abomination of leading forces' altercations

It makes me crave the revolution, grassroots over institution


The breakthroughs are creating purpose

Open the door, ignite the revolution

Waking you up with meaning

Awareness for all, ignite the revolution

They can keep us down and ignore the fight

But the word is out, it must be such a troubling sight

Hear the bells of progress

Answer the call, ignite the revolution


4, 5, 6 the obvious swaying tricks become lucid

They can work to mask the truth, but truth is me and you

I can feel it coming washing pouring all over me

Let’s ignite the revolution, loving hearts meet execution