From the ages of 12 through 17

Dreamed of changing the ways of the rundown streets

Seeing defeat on faces of those she’d see

Despite her conditions and her rank

Worked hard to graduate with straight As

Got a scholarship to a university


Where she made her mark, inspired true stories

Founded new causes to promote their glory

Galvanized her peers to rise to action

Creating beauty from nothing but ashes

She was learning fast to elevate

All those in need to enrich their fates

Promoting growth to their destinies


Achieving more than she ever had

She returned to her roots on her new path

Equipped to foster change that lasts

The barriers only caused her to be stretched

Launched a non-profit and didn’t look back

She had just thrown on the fuel the match


Never backed down expected nothing in return

She gave her whole life for those who couldn’t make it work

Healing the broken

Countless sleepless nights, blood, sweat and tears

The progress was clear moving faster each year

Creating from broken

As if she was chosen