He gave it all that he had to give

And he wore his colors proudly

With his brothers in arms, brothers he loves

Biggest hearts, biggest bonds

Now his time is up he’s hard to see

Lost his brotherhood and camaraderie

Not his friends, nor family

Understand his time overseas

And he tries to make it work

But his mind is somewhere else

Distant from his loved ones home

Distant from where he came from

The embrace can’t be sustained

Just a bottle and desolate plains

There’s nothing left to say…


Singing angels, crying angels

Wrap their wings around close his eyes

Singing angels, crying angels

Wished for him a promising life


At his funeral a thundering rain

Covered by his flag he vowed to save

His mother at a loss

They all thought nothing was wrong

The intent became depraved

For the sacrifice he gave

The support couldn’t repair

Or heal the mental tear


Resting six feet underground

Just a name etched on his stone

He returned and left alone


Always woke up in a cold sweat

Couldn’t bear the wounds of war

Screaming mayday, no one hears him

He explodes through the earth

Missed chance to instill hope

The chance to help console

And could not prevail