Always deceive, can't believe what you say

Through your actions explain all the words you betray 

Mail out our troops with no task to achieve

The expiry date disappeared, it's long gone

Mentally starve with no purpose in hand

Feed the powerful, wealthy, and smallest percent

While our soldiers all suffer and fight to survive

As we piss away dollars for chaos


Never-ending ride, blinded us with our pride 

He's so charismatic yet so trite


Hide behind their masks give orders

Blame it on the one before him

Same result, they contrived

Bought and paid for pull his strings

Nothing changes we'll never win

Same result, they contrived


Soldiers are killed, civilians are dead

While our citizens starve as our debt goes to war

Trillions are spent, yes trillions are spent

Fucking trillions are spent for the war

While we're misled to accept and applaud

With the rest of the world disbelieving our cause

While our brothers and sisters can't find a new home

Can't return to their home