Focusing hard on the scars and wounds that bleed

Blinded to the progress, goodwill, and charity

As the media polarizes how we see

So we got to dig deep and pull each other

Out of the holes that darkness breeds

Treat one another equally

Learn from our unique qualities  

So we can breakthrough the racist lies


Cleansed by the singing river

Where they all drank

With heart, soul, and mind

All my brothers and sisters

Let’s come together

We still have time


Need to focus on love and empathy

Walking in another’s shoes mercifully  

Quit ignoring the tears of history

We got to stop deflecting and hating and blaming

And being blinded by hypocrisy

This ain’t black or white it’s entirely grey

Stop simplifying everything

Reach across the aisle and open your mind


Put the guns down

Everybody tear out your hate now

Everybody out with your hate now

Everybody out with your hate